What is Drag Racing

Drag Racing is a flat-out race between 2 cars with speeds of up to 300mph along a quarter-mile strip.

The FIA European Drag Racing Championships features the fastest sport over a quarter mile on the planet.

Drag Racing was born in the USA and began in the forties when teenagers raced each other between traffic lights down the main 'drag' of their sleepy Californian towns. As this practice became more popular, the authorities moved racers off the streets and onto the surrounding dry lakes and disused airfields that were left after World War II.

It didn’t take long for the Brits to catch on; after all, we had plenty of abandoned air fields. The word soon spread over to the rest of Europe.

Years on, the televised European Drag Racing Championship comprises 8 official classes competing over 6 rounds in 5 European Countries. The National Drag Racing Championship comprises up to twenty official classes competing over eight rounds in the UK. There are also several UK Club Events.

Crowds of up to 40,000 spectators consist of loyal racing fans including a wider family audience now appreciating the growing sport.

Unusual for motor sport, the pit area is open to the public. Children especially enjoy the close proximity with all the race vehicles.

Drag racing is not just one race per meeting but starts by 10am each day and carries on until early evening (weather permitting) all weekend; with occasional night racing; which is spectacular.

The event format, for all classes taking part, is usually a day or two qualifying, then eliminations on race day. There are also stalls and other entertainments on offer.

Many families take the opportunity to either stay locally to the event or camp on site, to enjoy the experience of a full weekend’s drag racing from junior dragster (age 8+) to top fuelers (capable of 300mph in 4 seconds!).

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