Wild Child Crew

Andy Williams - Driver

Andy has been involved in drag racing since 1979. He started off as a spectator and by the late 80's Andy had built his own Ford Popular, and with it, won the Best Newcomer of the Year award.

Since then, he has built and modified various cars, moving up the classes to even faster and more exciting times

In 2002 Andy and the team took the car to race at Hockenheim, Germany. Andy and the team intend to race at more European events, having raced in Holland in 2006, and plan to run in Denmark during 2007.

Prior to racing the Wild Child Dragster, in Super Comp, Andy raced a 1932 Ford Roadster called Eightmis"B"haven, in the Super Street Class

Maggie Williams - Wife and Crew Chief

Maggie is the backbone of the team, and doyenne of the weather station. Based on the readings, Maggie determines what setting to put in the car for each run.

In addition to setting up the timing for the car Maggie can always be relied on to feed the crew. Those of you who have visited us at the track will know that if there are five mouths to feed, there will be enough food for half an army.

Vic "Batman" Fisher - and "Him"
Although Andy and Vic were brought up within a mile of each other, they only met through drag racing. They have been firm friends for many years, through many vehicles; crewing for each other.

Vic was Andy’s best man at his wedding in 1994 to Maggie; Andy was delighted to return the favour for Vic and Pam’s wedding 9 September 2006. Yes, for the sharp drag racing fans – this was the Saturday of the European Finals. What a plonker! Andy will never let Vic forget this.

Dave "Movement" Hollis
Dave has owned several Yank vehicles. In 2003, when he heard that there was a drag racer moved in locally; he scoured the village and surrounding area until he found them.

Dave became a regular crew member and using his local knowledge, he started canvassing companies for much needed sponsorship.

Keith "Madhouse" Jordan
Keith met Andy and Maggie at the track, while he was crewing for Mark and Sarah O’Halloran (Second Choice – Camero – Super Gas). Yet another firm friendship was formed that also goes outside the race track. Mark and Sarah are emigrating to Australia, so Keith has been adopted by the Wild Child Crew.

Keith is currently building a Pontiac (pictures in the Image Galleries), which we look forward to seeing on the track in the not too distant future.

Sandy "Honey Monster" Rose
Sandy’s picture of Wild Child was published by the company he works for. He spent months trying to track down the owners of Wild Child to introduce himself and ask their permission. He has been a regular crew member ever since 2006.

Sandy’s initial role as team photographer and IT guru has grown into being a major contributor to the design of the Wild Child website.

Pete "Pyro" Margesson
As an innocent race fan, Pete was asking Andy questions about Wild Child. Andy asked Pete if he could push and he has been a regular crew member ever since!

Pete has built his own Ford Pop street car (see the image galleries for details) and terrorises Stevenage in it!

Tom "Kid" Margesson
Tom is not here because he is Pete’s son, but as a petrol head and drag race fan in his own right!

Tom has been building his own hotrod as his first car since long before he was of a legal age to drive it.